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I wrote already a Feedback to you guys.
But again I am Doing carshipping for more then 25 Years with several companies.
But Chris Groumas at Go does an more then exellent Job.
My Cars and these are High priced Porsche, have never any damage, are shipped as fast as possible and arrive complete nothing missing if insiede or outside.

Highly recommended .
Because this all above is not granted with other shippers I used in the past

Thanks again and keep this high level please
special Thanks to Chris

Date of Posting: 11 June 2016
Posted By: nils and jens ehrlich
Je vous écris pour vous annoncer que le container est bien arrivé devant mon domicile ce matin, et le tout en parfait état.
L'intégralité du déménagement s'est très bien déroulé.

Je voudrais particulièrement remercier Sophia qui a tout fait pour nous satisfaire du début jusqu'à la fin avec un excellent suivi lors de la phase dédouanement et livraison.
Equipe très professionnelle et compétente.

Je recommande fortement Go Transport pour tout le monde.
Encore bravo et merci à toute l'équipe !!!
Date of Posting: 11 April 2016
I am aerospace engineer who lived in Canada for more than 10 years. When I decided to move to Peru, it was a tough decision; but making things happen, which means move from the idea to actual facts, that could be very overwhelming & stressful if the right decisions are not taken on time and not properly planned ahead.

First thing is of course finding the right moving company (especially for moving overseas). There are many options and prices, but the real deal is knowing what customers have experienced with those companies and putting yourself in that situation – will this happen to me? What do I do? How I can avoid that? This means doing some research, reading, digging a bit in internet to understand the background and of course, asking directly the moving company to see what explanations they have.

By doing that, I decided to select Go Transport Canada. The person I was contacting directly (Chris Groumas) was very efficient, and when I say efficient, I mean he was all the times ready to answer all my queries like shipline prices, dates, availability of personnel, policies for custom clearances at arrival, etc and finally recommending me the best rate, the best time to fit my availabilities for the moving from my house to their warehouse and any other question I may have.

Once I decided to sign the contract with them (full service from Canada up to the port in Callao, Peru), which included picking up all my things from my house plus the free storage at their warehouse for the days prior to shipping; The moving guys were very professional, patient, careful when wrapping my things, tagging them, making the inventory and funny helping me dealing with all the stress of a moving and making feel more relax knowing I was at good hands. Of course a piece of advice: those are your things, so you as the owner better be the one directing the show (be the “chef d’orchestre!”), that means they will do exactly what you want and how you want it: how you want it pack, where do you want to put that thing and in which box, the numbering of the boxes, etc and of course the list of packings (very important list detailing everything which is needed for customs at arrival).

Once all boxes were wrapped & packed, they stored in their warehouse with the option of the “pallets”. Seriously, this was the best option I took for 2 reasons: first, easy to store and transport in the container…and second, safe for the trip in the container overseas. Also, all your bulks become 1 and your BL will be very easy to document (1 pallet = 1 bulk, but your pallet can have like 25 or more bulks/boxes!). With that I just wait for the day to come that the container will be shipped. Chris continued to give updates, sent me photos of the loading, updating & correcting the documents with the steamline so those papers will be CORRECT 100% (which by the way, they were perfect), but again remember is your load, so you have to make the validations with the country of destination to know it meet the requirements.

On top of that the Go Transport Team, was always there to help me in case Chris was not around like Sophia making sure I will be getting the return calls the same day or in few hours, doing the follow-up of the container and Dimitri, giving me advice like make sure that the remove the nails from the floor before moving the car. Damn that this advice saved my tires. Nobody noticed that in Peru, but I had that in my mind and highlighted to the team upon arrival to remove them. Thanks Dimitri for that simple advice that could have cost a lot. Once I got the container in Peru, I took it from there, but the guys in GO TRANSPORT made all easy up to the port of Callao.

All in all thanks to the Go Transport Team, Chris, Dimitri, Sophia, the moving guys Ali & Dean for all the help and support in this big endeavour and very stressing/overwhelming times. They made things very smooth, easy and very professional in all their work. My final advice for whoever is planning to go through the same:

Date of Posting: 23 March 2016
Posted By: Alberto Hoyle
Montreal, Canada
Excellent service , une équipe de personnel très professionnel très chaleureux et compétant. Toujours près à rendre service dans la mesure du possible et donné satisfaction, confiance et de la délicatesse vis à vis de la situation de chaque client, qui est très important, pour évaluer la société, ce qui donne une meilleur image de la compagnie GO Transport. encore Bravo Keep it up!!
Date of Posting: 15 March 2016
Posted By: Georges Stanabady
Paris France
We had a recent move from Sudbury ON, to the UK and all went very smoothly, other than a customs/x-ray delay in the UK.

Dimitri's team did a great job, and the team at the UK side were exceptional!
Date of Posting: 29 June 2015
Posted By: Andrew
Hi Dimitri!,

Everything went extremely well I can tell you I'm a happy customer! ,and I will recommend your company any time.

Thank you so much
Date of Posting: 05 December 2014
Posted By: Olimpia Hargitai
Budapest Hungary
Hello Dimitri and Chris,

My car arrived to Dubai on time, and I commend you for your professionalism and thank you in responding immediately to my inquires and requests.

Thanks again and Best Regards,
Imam Ibrahim
Date of Posting: 14 November 2014
Posted By: Imam Ibrahim
Hi Sophia,

I received the goods in good shape and on time in Hyderabad terminal couple of weeks ago. Absolutely happy with your professional services and thanks a lot for your patience in providing several quotations and offering us a competitive price. Will surely get in touch you and your team if I plan to relocate to Canada again. Once again thanks for your service and happy to do business with GOT.

Date of Posting: 09 November 2014
Posted By: Pratap
Hyderabad, India
Hi Dimitri

I would like to inform you that the car and contents arrive in good shape. I had to ship the car from Rotterdam to Basel at the swiss boarder where I went to pick it up. I had an excellent service all along, including Ms Saskia in Rotterdam and the folks at Bonantran in Switzerland.

Great to do business with you.

All the best

Date of Posting: 29 September 2014
Posted By: Abdoulaye
Hello Dimitri,

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help especially on the the vehicle arrived. Only we know what we went through that day but you and your team were amazing through this whole process. I was told great things about go transport before I decided to go ahead with it. but now that I have dealt with go transport , there is no words to describe the customer service. Last friday when the container got released I counted over 40 phone calls between us. I dont think alot of people would find the time or the care to help customers the way you do. Again I thank you so very very much for all your help , I will be more than happy to refer your company to any of my friends!!!


Date of Posting: 12 May 2014
Posted By: Neritan ( tony) Hyseni

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