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How can forwarders help shippers improve their export process?

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The export process can feel like a foreign world to companies who are new to exporting or those with limited experience in international trade. Therefore, many companies choose to outsource international transportation and supply chain needs to a freight forwarder to increase efficiency and maintain compliance with government laws and regulations. While the manufacturer concentrates on producing high quality goods, the freight forwarder focuses on providing economical and time-sensitive solutions for the shipper. Freight forwarders manage the export process, looking for opportunities to streamline operations. Below are ten reasons to consider outsourcing international transportation and customs compliance needs to a freight forwarder.   

How can forwarders help shippers improve their export process? 

  1. Flexibility, Versatility, Accountability
  2. Knowledge of Industry Trends and Market Information
  3. Continuous Training
  4. Competitive Rates
  5. Integrated Supply Chain Technology Tools
  6. Customs Approved Documentation Storage 
  7. Mitigation of Supply Chain Risks 
  8. C-TPAT Benefits 
  9. Assistance with Export Documentation or Export Licenses   
  10. Streamline Exporting Processes 

Freight forwarders concentrate on moving shipments from point A to point B with compliance and efficiency, mitigating confusion and delays. Forwarders assist with documentation, Schedule B classifications, Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) and Automated Export System (AES) filings. Forwarders also advise shippers of estimated transportation costs, port charges, insurance rates and terminal handling fees. Additionally, forwarders work with international agents to facilitate the customs clearance once the cargo arrives in the destination country. 

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