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International Car and Motorcycle Shipping: Moving or Selling Your Vehicle Overseas

Transporting your vehicle or motorcycle overseas either for a move or for selling it is a job that only an experienced and confident transport company can provide. Go Transport Canada has the knowledge, the skill, and the experience to get your vehicle safely and affordably shipped overseas by our trained staff and agents.

 We offer two convenient methods for shipping your vehicle. These options include the overseas container method and the Roll-on Roll-off approach.

Ocean containers provide effective and secure shipments. There are two container sizes: 20 or 40 foot containers. Our company can load one car in a 20-foot container and up to four cars in a 40-foot container at a tremendous savings to you. All vehicles are inspected when they arrive at our facilities, and an inspection report is provided to the client at origin to verify the condition of the car throughout the voyage. The vehicle is blocked and braced in the container by our experienced and trained staff for safe travel and we offer full ocean insurance coverage for your vehicles & motorcycles.  



 The second method is the Roll-on Roll-off method (RORO) which originally began with ferries and evolved into what has become an incomparable standard in the world of shipping. Designed for larger or oversized cargo, these special vessels are built to house trucks, construction equipment, and machinery that are simply rolled on at origin and rolled off at destination. This type of shipping eliminates any costs associated with packaging and reassembling the vehicles. They are protected for the entire voyage and are housed in the ship’s water-tight secured areas. Go Transport Canada services three exclusive ports for this type of shipping located at Halifax, New York, and Miami.

 Go Transport is a member of the International Association of Movers ( with a worldwide network of over 5000 agents in almost every country that can help you with the customs clearance and destination handling of your vehicle & motorcycle shipments.

 Preparing your vehicle for shipping: Go Transport Canada adheres strictly to safety and shipping requirements. Vehicles may have no more than one-eighth to one-quarter tank of gas in the tank when they are shipped for safety purposes. Nothing may be transported that is hazardous or contains biological products, by law. Remember to remove garage door openers or music players that are not a part of the vehicle itself as well as personal contents.

 Requesting a shipping estimate is simple: The cost is based on the final destination of the vehicle and the type of service involved, either container or RORO service.  Please complete our RATE REQUEST FORM or call us 1-877-458-6852 for more details.


Special Rates to Europe, Africa & Middle East!!




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